Get ready for the third installment of our DMA HOW-TO series on Arduino™ and wireless robotics! Digital Media Academy’s HOW-TO series is hosted by industry professionals and DMA instructors. Learn at your own pace—for FREE. The host of this HOW-TO series on Arduino™ robotics is DMA Instructor Sam Jaffe.


In DMA HOW-TO: Wireless Robotics Using Arduino and Bluetooth, Part 1 we showed you how to use breakout boards to help you connect a Bluetooth® module to an Arduino™ board. Last week, in DMA HOW-TO: Wireless Robotics Using Arduino and Bluetooth, Part 2 we explored the basics of Arduino™, as well as the importance of Serial. In today’s HOW-TO we work with Processing, and approach our final step in controlling an Arduino™ robot via a Bluetooth® wireless connection.

Arduino™ Robotics, Part 3:

What You’ll Learn in this Video:

  • Importing and using the Serial library
  • How to initialize a Bluetooth® serial port
  • Sending test data to check connections between serial port, Bluetooth® device and Arduino™
  • Using the keyPressed and keyReleased functions
  • Assigning Arduino™ functions to certain keys


Arduino to the Max
We hope you’re enjoying this series on Arduino™ and wireless robotics. DMA HOW-TOs are a great way to get a fast overview of today’s top tech software, like Arduino™. But if you’re really into robots, consider spending a week or two this summer at one of Digital Media Academy’s robotics tech camps in US and Canada.

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