Welcome to the second installment of a three-part DMA HOW-TO series on Arduino™ and wireless robotics. Digital Media Academy’s HOW-TO series is hosted by industry professionals and DMA instructors. Learn at your own pace—for FREE. The host of this HOW-TO series on Arduino™ robotics is DMA Instructor Sam Jaffe.


In DMA HOW-TO: Wireless Robotics Using Arduino and Bluetooth, Part 1, we showed you how to use breakout boards to help you connect a Bluetooth® module to an Arduino™ board. In Part 2, we explore Arduino™ and get you up to speed on its basics. We’ll also cover the importance of Serial, the next step in our data chain that eventually leads to sending controlling messages to our robot.

In upcoming videos, we’ll discover other essential aspects of using Arduino™ robotics, including working with Processing and discovering how to control robots.

Arduino™ Robotics, Part 2:

What You’ll Learn in this Video:

  • Arduino™ features and fundamentals
  • Using Arduino’s sketch and loop functions
  • How to read Bluetooth® data with Serial
  • Establishing a serial port
  • Declaring a character and storing Serial.read data within that character


Taking Arduino™ Even Further
DMA HOW-TOs provide useful overviews of today’s top tech software, like Arduino™. Digital Media Academy takes that idea even further, with a full, weeklong (or two-week) session on robotics with Arduino™, held at one of its great tech camps in US and Canada.

Students in DMA’s Robotics & Electrical Engineering with Arduino camp get to design and build their perfect robot, then match them against each other in crazy battles to see which bot reigns supreme!

Next Week: DMA HOW-TO: Wireless Robotics Using Arduino and Bluetooth, Part 3 explores Processing—the application that sends data to the Bluetooth® device, before relaying that data to the Arduino™ board and controlling our robot! Check back each Thursday for a new DMA HOW-TO.