Robotics and Programming with LEGO® EV3


Teens: Robotics and Programming with LEGO® EV3

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 kit includes everything you need to create your own robot

Use LEGO’s EV3 software and Apple® workstations to program your robot

Make friends in a fun, entertaining and positive learning environment

Collaborate on ideas and build robots with others who share your creative passion

Get Hands-on Experience and Learn Practical Engineering and Robotics Skills

Students design, build and program awe-inspiring robots using LEGO’s most advanced and newest robotics technology – the powerful MINDSTORMS® EV3. The EV3 features an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets students immediately begin simple robotics programming and then advance into developing more complex algorithms. Using the data-logging feature, students experiment with sensors to collect and analyze key data.

Students get experience working with engineering and mathematical concepts such as estimation, and learn to calculate distance, time and speed. Classmates work as a team to complete projects and win games created specifically for EV3. The EV3 is today’s most advanced robotics system for hobbyists and features improved digital sensors, a seven-state color-light sensor, new gyro sensors, touch sensors and an improved ultrasonic sensor.

What You’ll Learn: LEGO® EV3 Robotics and Programming

Course Content Software Used
• Build advanced robots using the LEGO® EV3 kit
• EV3 programming basics
• Engineering techniques for drafting top-quality robot designs
• How to program a robot, using EV3 and RobotC software
• Using color, gyroscope, ultrasonic and touch sensors
• Remotely controlling a robot using Bluetooth®
• Essential skills for winning robot competitions
• Collecting and logging data for experiments
• Creating and troubleshooting robotics projects
• Collaborating and working together on project-based teams
• Applying physics and math concepts to real robots
LEGO EV3 & RobotC

Digital Media Academy may slightly vary curriculum to better fit the needs/expertise level of a given class.

Who Should Attend: LEGO® EV3 Robotics and Programming
Ages 12–17 | Beginner – Advanced | No Previous Robotics or Programming Experience Required

For teens interested in designing, programming and building robots using the latest LEGO® robotics technology. Also for LEGO® fans who want to take their robot-building skills to new levels and problem-solvers who like a challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: Students should bring a USB flash drive for saving files. Students receive instructions for downloading a free version of the EV3 software, for home use to view the files created in class.

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2014 Fees & Additional Options: LEGO® EV3 Robotics and Programming

Options Price Duration Meals
Tuition (price includes $95 Lab Fee) $1,190 1 Week, Mon-Fri Lunch not included
Lunch Plan (for non-residential students) add $45 or $65* 1 Week, Mon-Fri 5 lunches
Residential Program – Dorm (shared room) add $525 1 Week, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Residential Program UCLA – Dorm (shared room) add $825 1 Week, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Residential Program Harvard – Hotel (shared room) add $825 1 Week, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Stanford Continuing Studies Credit add $90 4 Quarter Units NA

*Depending on location.
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1 Week | Ages 12–17 | Beg – Adv

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2014 Locations & Dates

Dates and Locations for this course
to be announced December 1, 2013