iPhone® & iPad® Game Development with Unity

Teens: iPhone® & iPad® Game Development with Unity®  

Make Your Own Game for the iPhone® or iPod touch®

Students design and build a 3D video game playable on any Apple® mobile device. They discover the process of game development, including assembling provided game assets (like characters, items, levels and textures) into a playable game.

With guidance from real game developers, teens learn real-world development techniques for game design and how to create fun and engaging mobile games. During the week, students are “loaned” Apple® Developer accounts. Afterward, Apple® requires students to purchase their own personal student Apple® Developer account in order to continue working on their game.

The Unity® development engine provides an awesome platform for creation. This powerful game development tool is used by professional app developers to create best sellers like Call of Duty: Strike Team™, Slender: The Eight Pages™, and Deus Ex: The Fall™.

What You’ll Learn: iPhone® & iPad® Game Development with Unity®

Course Content Software Used
• Creating and developing a game using Unity®
• Importing game assets and integrating animation
• Writing programming scripts
• Developing game elements (like respawn points)
• Moving objects with JavaScript™
• Controlling game animations and characters with Unity’s built-in features
• Adding sound and event triggers
• Optimizing games for peak performance on mobile devices

Digital Media Academy may slightly vary curriculum to better fit the needs/expertise level of a given class.

Who Should Attend: iPhone® & iPad® Game Development with Unity®
Ages 12–17 | Beginner – Advanced | No Previous Game Design or Programming Experience Required

For aspiring game developers or anyone interested in making apps for Apple’s mobile iOS platform.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must provide their own iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® device running the Apple® iOS. First-generation iPod touch® devices may not run apps. Students need to bring their device and power cord to class every day. So updates do not interfere with game development, students are asked NOT TO UPDATE their operating system during camp. DMA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

DMA students have access to DMA’s Apple® Developer accounts for at least nine months after their course. If students want to publish apps to the App Store, or continue to use or play their game or app on their device, they will need to purchase their own Apple® Developer Account from Apple for $100/year.

“Jailbroken” devices are unable to load student games. Students develop games using DMA Developer Accounts and DMA assets (models, textures, sounds, etc.). As a result, students are not able to upload their games to the Apple® App Store using these assets. Students can, however, create their own assets in Introduction to 3D Art and Modeling for Game Design. Student games remain active on devices for three months after the end of class.

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2014 Fees & Additional Options: iPhone® & iPad® Game Development with Unity®

Options Price Duration Meals
Tuition $1,095 1 Week, Mon-Fri Lunch not included
Lunch Plan (for non-residential students) add $45 or $65* 1 Week, Mon-Fri 5 lunches
Residential Program – Dorm (shared room) add $525 1 Week, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Residential Program UCLA – Dorm (shared room) add $825 1 Week, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Residential Program Harvard – Hotel (shared room) add $825 1 Week, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Stanford Continuing Studies Credit add $90 4 Quarter Units NA

*Depending on location.
To view all options, including weekend stays, visit our Options & Fees page.    

1 Week | Ages 12–17 | Beg – Adv

“I knew nothing about programming. By the end of the camp I had made my own iPhone® game!”

2014 Locations & Dates

Dates and Locations for this course
to be announced December 1, 2013