Academy for 3D Game Design


Teens:Academy for 3D Game Design

Learn Game Design using Maya® and the Unreal™ Game Engine

Teens are guided through the process of game design while using industry-standard game development tools. They create 3D immersive levels complete with terrains, materials, lighting and more. They also learn modeling and texture-mapping essentials by creating their own video game characters and environments – utilizing the same techniques that industry pros now use. And all students get the chance to load their character into the Unreal Engine™ and play in a professional game environment.

This academy includes curriculum from the following courses:

Week One: 3D Game Development – Level Design – Students build immersive virtual environments! They discover how to plan and design levels with the Unreal™ Development Kit (UDK), create architecture and environmental assets with Maya® and then make their levels shine with their own custom texture maps and lighting. A great way to learn the ins and outs of this professional game development tool.

Week Two: 3D Game Development – Character Design – Students master the basics of 3D modeling in Maya®. They create custom characters, build importable static meshes and work with sculpting to bring realism to the custom levels they create in the UDK. From simple low-poly modeling to high-resolution meshes, it’s covered.

What You’ll Learn: Academy for 3D Game Development

Course Content Software Used
• How to develop a 3D environment and design a level with UDK
• Taking 3D from concept (using reference images) to completion
• Basics of Autodesk® Maya® 2014 for environmental/character design
• Low-polygon modeling and optimizing poly count for games
• Texture creation using Adobe® Photoshop®
• Low-polygon modeling techniques for 3D creature/character design
• High-detail sculpting techniques with Autodesk® Mudbox®
• Character unwrapping and texture mapping
• Preparing and rigging characters for the Unreal™ game engine

Digital Media Academy may slightly vary curriculum to better fit the needs/expertise level of a given class.

Who Should Attend: Academy for 3D Game Development
Ages 12–17 | Beginner – Advanced | No Previous Programming Experience Required

For teens serious about video games, and who want to pursue a career in game art and design. For anyone considering an artistic career, like 3D character artist or digital designer in the video game industry or someone interested in learning more about game design. For a more behind-the-scenes look at how games are made.

This academy also includes project-planning, critical-thinking and problem-solving activities. It’s a great experience for any tech-oriented problem-solver interested in high-level game development.

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2014 Fees & Additional Options: Academy for 3D Game Development

Options Price Duration Meals
Tuition $2,075 2 Weeks, Mon-Fri Lunch not included
Lunch Plan (for non-residential students) add $90 or $130* 2 Weeks, Mon-Fri 10 lunches
Residential Program – Dorm (shared room) add $1050 2 Weeks, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Residential Program UCLA – Dorm (shared room) add $1650 2 Weeks, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Residential Program Harvard – Hotel (shared room) add $1650 2 Weeks, Sun-Fri (weekend add’l) 3 meals/day
Stanford Continuing Studies Credit add $180 8 Quarter Units NA

*Depending on location.
To view all options, including weekend stays, visit our Options & Fees page.   

2 Weeks | Ages 12–17 | Beg – Adv

“DMA taught me so much in a week, I can now walk out of here and make a game.”

2014 Locations & Dates

  • UCSD

  • Jul 21-Aug 01
  • Harvard

  • Aug 11-22 | Jun 30-Jul 11
  • GWU

  • Jul 07-18
  • NYU

  • Jul 21-Aug 01
  • UCLA

  • Jun 23-Jul 04
  • UBC

  • Jul 14-25