Stanford Continuing Studies Credits

Digital Media Academy’s Teen and Adult courses are offered for credit through Stanford University Continuing Studies – one of the most prestigious continuing education programs in the world.

Continuing Studies Credits
“The mission of Stanford Continuing Studies is to share the rich educational resources of Stanford University, to nurture a vibrant learning community, to nourish the life of the mind, and to promote the pleasures of intellectual exploration and exchange.” Digital Media Academy is proud to extend this ambitious cause, by bringing its courses and programs to students throughout the US and Canada.

● Continuing Studies courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), not undergraduate or graduate credits.

● Stanford Continuing Studies Credits cannot be applied toward any Stanford degree.

● Credits are be recorded on your transcript with Stanford Continuing Studies, some students are able to transfer the credits to another university and some high schools also accept these credits, subject to that educational institution’s policies.

What are CEU’s?
A CEU is a unit of credit equal to ten hours of participation in an accredited program. Professionals, for example, are often required to participate in continuing education programs for a certain number of hours every year in order to keep their certificates, or licenses to practice, current.

CEU’s awarded by a prestigious institution such as Stanford University Continuing Studies, can strengthen a college or post-graduate admissions application. In some cases institutions will count the CEU credits towards high school AP or college credit.

Discover the DMA Difference
Accredited by Stanford Continuing Studies
● All DMA Teen and Adult courses are accredited by Stanford Continuing Studies.

● Students receive 4 units of Stanford Continuing Studies credit for each course.
Prestigious Instructors, Experienced Staff
● DMA’s  Pro-Series instructors are industry leaders in their respective fields.

Teen Program instructors are an impressive combination of young professionals, filmmakers, artists and classroom teachers.

● You won’t find a more capable and passionate group of instructors anywhere.
Top Industry Sponsors & Partners
● Digital Media Academy programs are brought to you in partnership with some of the most incredible technology companies in the world including Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and Canon.

● DMA students use only the best equipment and the latest industry-leading software.
World-Class Heritage & Leadership
● Digital Media Academy was founded at Stanford University in 2002.

● DMA’s mission is to provide world-class technology education to students of all ages, regardless of their background or means.

DMA’s leadership team includes accomplished leaders from Stanford University, the Walt Disney Company and Apple, as well as former award-winning ABC news professionals, well-known published authors and other technology educators.
Trustworthy Family Management & Values
● When we say our camps well run, very safe and lots of fun, we really mean it.

● Like you, we’re parents whose children attend DMA each summer too.

● We demand the very best for our children, so you can expect the same for yours.

● DMA has one of the largest financial assistant programs you’ll find anywhere, and we very are proud to be a positive force in every community where we do business.