DMA_adventure-large Why Choose DMA?  

Kids Summer Program

Experienced, Extraordinary Staff = Experienced, Extraordinary Students

  • Talented and Passionate Instructors

    Kristin Rimbach has shared her passion for art and photography with hundreds of DMA students
    during the past four camp seasons. A 2013 graduate of the University of California, Berkeley,
    Kristin earned degrees in Media Studies and Sociology, as well as a minor in Education. She brings
    her spirit to work and her connection with kids is remarkable.

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  • Inspiring Students to Reach Their Full Potential

    Meet the next great filmmaker. Ezrah, took the Adventures in Filmmaking &
    Special Effects course at Stanford. He explored how to develop a
    plot and build characters, edited scenes using Final Cut Pro, and learned how to get
    the best camera angles and shots. He hopes to end up with a career connected to
    the film business when he grows up and is glad he had the opportunity to explore
    his passion.

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Separate Classroom & Residential Staff

  • Lead Instructors

    lead_instructor 2

    Lead instructors are the rock stars of our Adventures staff. They are outstanding technology educators, professional teachers and industry professionals who have a driving passion for inspiring, teaching and mentoring young learners.

    They are supported by outstanding teaching assistants and a year-round content development team that builds innovative and engaging program.

  • Teaching Assistants


    Our Teaching assistants are typically college students pursuing degrees in computer science, engineering, art or media-related fields.

    TAs provide crucial instructional and student development support, and are great at connecting and inspiring kids. Their energetic personalities allow them to lead character building and recreational activities outside of the classroom.

  • Youth Activities Counselors


    Youth Activities Counselors (YACs) are the glue that holds DMA’s overnight program together. YACs are enthusiastic, and have a natural ability to connect with youth.

    Every night they put on a new adventure for the campers, getting them out of their shells. YACs create camp culture while always putting the safety of students first.

At DMA, we are all extremely passionate about what we do. Separate staff responsibilities allow us to focus and create an unforgettable summer experience for your child.

The Future is Built by Creators

DMA provides hands-on, project-based learning designed to spark curiosity, confidence and collaboration.

All DMA camps and courses are built on what we call “the DMA Learning Experience.” It’s a methodology that has been refined each year for the past 12 summers. It’s an approach to learning that has been developed by DMA’s amazing team of instructors, curriculum developers, and corporate staff. For 2014 we’ve redesigned and improved our program again, for a whole new generation.

  • Sparking Curiosity


    A student’s curiosity is the compass that leads them to their individual passion. DMA’s immersive courses bring like-minded students together to inspire one another, to explore their passion through creating.

  • Building Confidence


    Confidence stems from students gaining knowledge, skill, critical thinking and hands-on experience. DMA’s instructional staff empowers students, both boys and girls! Throughout the week students create meaningful projects led by their inspirational teachers. Read about our commitment to empower girls through technology.

  • Fostering Teamwork


    Not only does DMA’s encourage collaboration, but they also provide students with the opportunity to celebrate their creative accomplishments by presenting and sharing them with their class.

A Well-Balanced Experience

  • well_balanced_day

    Students arrive at DMA as fresh-faced campers but leave as budding young creators and designers. It’s amazing to see how much kids learn and develop in one week. Our instructors mentor students into lifelong learners and instill a strong sense of accomplishment that carries over into their academic work.

    We take pride in our program being more academically driven than other tech camps but we also believe in a well-balanced camp day. In addition to lunch, DMA provides Adventures campers with two breaks each day. During these breaks, teaching assistants organize a wide range of recreational activities. Our Youth Program Team has developed activities that revolve around character building as we see this as the perfect opportunity to strengthen their confidence.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

  • DMA crest

    Each student gets his or her own work space and computer or tablet to use during the week; no computer sharing


    DMA uses only the latest versions of cutting-edge software

  • DMA crest

    DMA uses only brand new film and photography equipment


    DMA is partnered with industry-leading technology companies

Campers go home with a creation of their making, but experience personal growth along the way.

When you send your child to camp at DMA, we take our responsibility for their safety extremely seriously. We’re parents, just like you, and we understand this sacred trust. To this end, DMA extensively trains each and every staff member on safety procedures to ensure they intimately understand how to perform critically important lifesaving actions during any possible emergency situation.

  • safety_staff

    Qualified Staff

    Day and overnight staff complete and pass:

    • ● CPR certification
    • ● Comprehensive state and federal background checks
    • ● Extensive risk-management and safety-training programs
  • safety_security

    On-site Security

    DMA observes a strict security system to ensure our staff always know where your child is – and what they are doing.

    • ● DMA uses a secure check-in/check-out procedure for day campers
    • ● Valid photo identification is checked before releasing a child
    • ● External access to overnight and weekend dorm building is restricted
  • safety_residential

    Residential Safeguards

    DMA counselors live in the dorm with the campers in order to maintain constant supervision and student safety. Counselors are housed in their own separate rooms, located on the same floor as the kids.

    • ● DMA uses the “buddy system” to ensure children’s safety and comfort
    • ● Campers are housed together in double or triple-occupancy rooms
    • ● Housing assignments are created based on gender and age
  • safety_medical

    Immediate Medical Access

    DMA programs are only held at the nation’s most prestigious universities. So, in the unlikely event of a medical emergency, we have fast access to some of the finest university hospitals in the world.

    • ● DMA residential staff members are trained in how to facilitate immediate medical care
    • ● DMA residential staff members are accessible at all times by cell phone
    • ● Medications are administered under the supervision of the Camp Director
  • safety_online

    Online Safety

    DMA understands parents have concerns about what their kids are exposed to online. As parents, DMA shares those same concerns and has put safeguards in place to protect your child in the classroom.

    • ● DMA strictly enforces a policy of “no adult-oriented content”
    • ● DMA uses special software to protect kids from harmful internet content
    • ● All software and video games used in DMA’s programs carry age-appropriate ratings
    • ● DMA instructors encourage Adventures campers to create positive and age-appropriate projects