Adults: Why Choose DMA  

Discover the DMA Difference

Learn the tools and techniques used by professionals in the ever-changing world of digital media. Whether you are a creative professional, educator, college/high school student, or serious amateur, DMA’s Pro Series courses offer an incredible learning experience.

A hands-on, total-immersion format expedites the learning experience, quickly increases your knowledge and inspires your work. Individual hands-on instruction improves both your technical and your artistic skills.

In addition to summer programs, DMA provides on-site training to schools and companies. For more information please visit our DMA Onsite Training page.

At the core of DMA’s operations is an unmatched learning experience delivered by extraordinary instructors–teachers who possess a level of expertise that you simply will not find at other technology camps or adult learning centers.

Experienced Instructors & Industry Professionals

DMA invests heavily in developing and maintaining a full roster of top-notch instructors, with many staff members returning year after year.

● Our lead instructors are older, are both more experienced and professional, and are paid more than teachers at other tech camps. (Want more background on DMA instructors? Please visit our Instructor Bio pages.)
● DMA’s instructors include outstanding technology educators, veteran teachers and industry professionals who have a genuine passion for their subject and a demonstrated skill for teaching and inspiring adult learners.

Real-World Experience = Real Educational Value

At DMA, our goal is to inspire all of our students to reach their full potential, and prepare them for future creative opportunities.

● By learning from technology professionals who actually work in the subject areas that they teach, DMA’s adult students acquire real-world experience and professional wisdom that will help guide them as they continue pursuing their careers.

● At DMA, we understand that it isn’t enough to merely show students how a software program functions. That’s why we hire instructors who can also teach adult learners how that entire industry works.

DMA’s innovative curriculum promotes an interactive learning environment for adult students. This learning experience is designed to engage students’ active participation.

● DMA’s courses are structured to enable our instructors to individualize the learning experience for each student.

● DMA supports this by strictly maintaining a 9:1 student-to-staff ratio, which is usually kept even smaller than that. This allows for lots of one-on-one instructional time, which directly promotes a stimulating and successful class experience for each student.

Online courses, books or DVDs just can’t match the DMA learning experience!

Comprehensive Coverage of Today’s Hottest Technology Topics

DMA takes pride in the wide range of courses and learning experiences we offer. DMA’s hands-on, project-based approach to learning maximizes the process of developing new skills and mastering new tools.

● DMA offers adult courses in today’s hottest curriculum areas, such as Digital Film, Music & Post-production; Photography, Art & Design; 3D Modeling & Animation; and App & Web Development.

● For a complete listing of DMA courses for adult learners, please check out our roster of DMA adult courses for 2014.

DMA Certification Programs

To provide the widest range of educational opportunities possible, Digital Media Academy presents an array of advanced certification programs that are designed to raise your skills to the next level of achievement.

● DMA’s adult certification programs are focused on three courses dedicated to mastering Autodesk® Maya® or five courses devoted to film production.

● These programs can even generate college credit hours through the Stanford University Continuing Education Units program.
To discover how you can ramp up your skill set, review our DMA Adult Certification Programs.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

At DMA, each student has their own Apple computer and workstation to use during class.

● Students don’t have to share computers and DMA utilizes only the latest versions of cutting-edge software programs.

● DMA is proud to be partnered with many industry-leading technology companies (such as Canon), which gives students the opportunity to work with brand new film and photography equipment and industry-standard software.

Get the Campus Experience

Increase your skill sets and spend a week on a beautiful and inspiring college campus.
DMA Pro Series programs are hosted by the University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University.

Digital Media Academy’s Pro-Series program is designed to help expedite learning for the adult or mature teen student. You understand the value of continuing education–and what it can mean to your resume and career.

DMA is proudly partnered with Stanford University’s Continuing Studies—one of the most prestigious continuing education programs in the world—to offer Stanford Continuing Studies credits for all DMA Pro-Series programs.

By the way, DMA training looks great on job applications, too

Accredited by Stanford University

All DMA Pro Series (or Adult) courses are accredited by Stanford Continuing Studies. DMA was founded at Stanford back in 2002.

● DMA’s Pro-Series instructors are industry leaders within their respective fields.
● DMA Pro-Series students receive 4 units of Stanford Continuing Studies credit for each course completed.

Continuing Education Units

DMA training enriches the value of your skill set and strengthens your resume or school transcripts, through the addition of Continuing Education Units (CEU) from Stanford Continuing Education.

● A CEU is a unit of credit equal to ten hours of participation in an accredited program. Professionals are often required to participate in continuing education programs for a certain number of hours every year in order to maintain their certification, or license to practice.
● Credits are recorded on your transcript with Stanford Continuing Studies. Some students are able to transfer the credits to another university, subject to that institution’s policies.