About Us

About Us


Founded in 2002 at Stanford University by Stanford technology experts, Digital Media Academy (DMA) is first and foremost a technology education company whose core business is operating technology camps at prestigious universities across the U.S. and Canada. Ranked one of the ten best summer camps in the world by Worth.com (and the only tech camp on that same list), DMA offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)-based learning within a world-class environment.

In addition to its summer camp programs, DMA provides on-site training to companies and educational institutions and offers workshops throughout the year at its training facility and corporate offices in Los Gatos, California. DMA offers certification and professional development programs to adults as well.

DMA’s teen and adult courses are accredited by Stanford University Continuing Studies, while DMA’s instructors include nationally-known industry experts, master teachers and award-winning creative professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the next generation of creators and makers.
We challenge campers to create the next blockbuster movie or app, the next Facebook, the next Angry Birds, the next Apple®. DMA welcomes learners of all ages and educational backgrounds and uses the latest software and equipment to deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)-based learning.
What will you create? DMA wants to give you the tools and real-world skill sets needed to fill in the blank.

Digital Media Academy seeks to inspire and empower the next generation of artists and technology innovators by:

  • ● Being a revolutionary leader in education
  • ● Offering the highest-quality product in our industry
  • ● Providing inspiration through innovative and engaging learning experiences
  • ● Making world-class digital media education more accessible to students of all circumstances and means
  • ● Modeling ethical and responsible business practice with the highest level of integrity



  • philg

    Phil Gibson Founder and President

    When Phil Gibson first imagined what has grown into Digital Media Academy, he already understood the potential power of technology-based education. During the 1990s, Phil led various efforts to integrate new media technologies while working for Stanford University’s Academic Computing Department, including pioneering a video-streaming service and a UNIX-based authentication system in the Apple-based public computer labs on campus.

    In 1999 he founded the Academy for New Media at Stanford University, offering hands-on, project-based summer courses in Web design, digital filmmaking and 3D modeling to educators, as well as high school and college students. By 2002, he had refined his idea further and left Stanford to launch Digital Media Academy (DMA). Since that time, DMA has spread across all of North America, and tens of thousands of kids, teens and adults have been enriched by attending its tech camp programs. “What inspires me,” he says, “Is building an organization that makes a difference in people’s lives, young and old. Digital Media Academy was founded with the idea of providing the best possible learning environment and making it accessible to all motivated learners.”

    Phil holds B.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Santa Clara University. He lives in the Silicon Valley area, along with his wife Amy and their three kids. Physically active in his free time, Phil is a former college soccer player and played for years afterward for Santa Clara Sporting, a top club team. He currently coaches a girls’ competitive team, which is sponsored by Digital Media Academy. In addition to playing and coaching soccer, he enjoys running, hiking and playing golf.

  • amyg

    Amy Gibson Board of Directors

    Amy Gibson holds a B.A. from Stanford University, where she worked as a technology consultant as a student. After four years at a high-tech start-up company, she pursued a career in elementary education, earning both her Masters in Education and her CLAD (Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development) Teaching Credential from Santa Clara University. During her years as an elementary teacher, she focused on designing an authentically multicultural curriculum. She is passionate about creating lifelong learners, inspiring children to reach their full potential and make an impact on the world. Since leaving the classroom, Amy has written web-based curriculum for educational publisher Classroom Connect. Amy is now a children’s author, with three books forthcoming from major New York publishers Scholastic Press and Feiwel & Friends. Her first book, Around the World in 80 Legs, hit store shelves in March 2011.

  • twolsky

    Tom Wolsky Board of Directors / Senior Instructor

    Tom is a certified instructor in Final Cut Pro®, Level and 2, which he teaches at DMA. Tom is the author of several Final Cut and video production instructional books as well as DVDs for FCP, Final Cut Studio, and Mac OS X for Class on Demand. He also trains teachers and students around the country for Apple Professional Development. He is an active presence on a number of online forums, including 2-pop, Creative Cow, and the Apple support forums.

    Before teaching, Tom worked in the film and television industry for more than 40 years. He worked in London as a writer, producer and technician before joining ABC News, where he was an operations manager and producer. He later moved to ABC News in New York for Good Morning America and World News Now.

  • bethc

    Beth Corwin Board of Directors / Senior Instructor

    Beth is an award-winning photojournalist. She has been a news photographer since she was 15, when she freelanced for her local newspaper. After majoring in communications, she went to work in local television, learning the craft of editing and camera work. Beth was hired by ABC News in New York in 1982 and has worked as a network news cameraperson ever since. Her award-winning work has been seen on PrimeTime Live, World News Tonight, Nightline, 48 Hours and other news programs.

    In addition to teaching for Digital Media Academy, Beth works as a consultant to Apple Inc. (Education) and is co-owner with Tom Wolsky of a project production company, South Coast Productions.

  • dlivingston

    Dave Livingston Board of Directors / Director of Instruction

    Over the last decade, Dave has led numerous workshops, seminars and training courses on technology integration for educators, specializing in training and consulting on digital video and multimedia solutions. Along with teaching Final Cut Pro® and multimedia integration workshops across the United States for Apple®, Dave has taught digital media courses at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz County and at schools throughout Northern California. Currently Dave spends his time as DMA’s Director of Instruction, building and promoting DMA’s programs in current and new locations as well as recruiting the best instructional staff possible. Dave is also in charge of DMA’s Apple Certified Training Center (AATC) Program.

    Dave holds a B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in Education from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. When he isn’t teaching or directing, he can be found outside, playing with his daughters or mountain biking around Santa Cruz, California.


Building a Better Tech Camp

Developed by educators and industry experts with years of experience in their respective fields, our programs and curriculum are assembled by the best. Students learn directly from tech professionals who share real-world experience.

  • No Computer Sharing

    Each student gets their own dedicated workstation to use during their course.

  • Professional Tech

    With cutting-edge technology from Apple®, Adobe®, Autodesk®, Canon and more, the imaginations of campers are ignited.

  • Apple®

    DMA uses Apple® MacBook Pros, iMacs and iPads in our camps and Pro Series courses. We also use Apple’s suite of multimedia and creativity software, like Final Cut Studio®.

  • Canon

    DMA uses and exclusively recommends Canon DSLR cameras and HD video cameras, as well as Canon projectors and printers to both develop and showcase camper creations.

  • Adobe®

    Adobe® provides DMA with software like Photoshop® for our camps and courses. For 25 years, Adobe’s award-winning software and technologies have redefined business, entertainment and personal communications by setting new standards for producing and delivering content that engages people virtually anywhere at anytime.

  • John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

    DMA is proud to be partnered with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (JLETB). This non-profit outreach program gives young people a chance to express their creativity through music, video and broadcast productions. JLETB provides DMA with instructors, curriculum and direction for our video and music production courses.


  • Trustworthy Management

    DMA is led by educators, tech experts, summer camp superstars and interactive entertainment creators formerly with ABC Television, Apple Education and the Walt Disney Company. DMA’s instructional staff includes media professionals, technology experts, award-winning filmmakers and specialists in childcare and development.

    Curriculum Development

    The Instruction team designs the curriculum for each DMA tech camp program and makes sure it delivers the maximum possible educational benefit. In addition to recruiting top teaching talent and creating a stimulating classroom experience, the Instruction team also reviews each course annually, making constant improvements.

  • Dave Livingston Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Dave Livingston, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, is in charge of making sure that DMA’s courses and curriculum meet and exceed our students’ expectations. He oversees and manages DMA’s Instructional/Product Team, which selects, develops and delivers DMA’s courses and curriculum to our students. Dave’s team also recruits, hires and trains DMA’s instructional staff, including lead instructors and teaching assistants. They also retain DMA students through community building, e-learning, and year-round student engagement. Dave has been with DMA since its founding and is a former trainer/teacher for Apple Education. He also is an experienced media arts/video production teacher with ten years of experience teaching at the high school and college levels. Dave received his B.A. degree in Political Science (with a concentration in Education) from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He enjoys traveling and mountain biking.

  • Thomas Hensler Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction Thomas Hensler is part of DMA’s Instructional Team. He designs the curriculum and hires the best instructors possible in the subject areas of Film and Video Production, Special Effects, 3D Modeling, Animation and Game Design. He knows how to support DMA’s instructors, because he’s been with DMA for six years, serving as a lead instructor as well as Location Director for several DMA camps. In addition, Thomas has 12 years of experience teaching technology-based subjects at the high school and college levels. A 15-year member of the International Technology and Engineering Education Association, he is also an Adobe® Certified Expert and Instructor and has led workshops in Photoshop®, Illustrator® and After Effects®. In his free time, Thomas enjoys mountain biking, telemark skiing and time with family and friends.

  • Marcus Duvoisin Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Marcus Duvoisin has taught courses at DMA’s Stanford University location for the last seven camp seasons, and proudly says, “Summer camp is my middle name.” He has a genuine passion for the education and character development of children. As Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction, he makes sure that DMA’s Adventures program courses are staffed with remarkable teachers and designed to have a positive impact on our students. Marcus also helps develop each course’s curriculum and updates it annually. And if his summers at DMA weren’t exciting enough, he has recently tackled a new challenge: mountain climbing.

  • Jordan Hart Instructional Designer

    As Instructional Designer, Jordan Hart works with DMA’s Instructional Team to research, design, develop and refine all elements of the DMA learning experience. He also develops several DMA course categories, such as Programming (for both DMA’s Adventures and Teen courses), and the Teen categories of Game Design, Engineering & Robotics, and Music Production. He has served DMA in various capacities over the past five camp seasons. Prior to that, he worked as a technical business analyst, an algebra and geometry teacher, and a production/technology specialist for a textbook publisher. A confirmed tech-head, Jordan’s outside interests include quadcopter filmmaking, playing Starcraft 2, biking and preparing for the day when Artificial Intelligence surpasses our own.

  • Palmer Mitchell Media Manager

    Palmer Mitchell has been working at summer camps since age 12, when he first served as a Teaching Assistant for a film production class and a LEGO® robotics class. A recent graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz (with a B.A. degree in Film and Digital Media), Palmer helps produce video, photo and audio content. Hobbies for this Eagle Scout include watching movies, Frisbee and playing Team Fortress 2 competitively.

  • Operations

    DMA’s Operations team manages the complex logistics involved with running a chain of summer camp programs. The Operations team handles a wide range of projects and details, covering everything from booking classroom space to hiring support staff and much more.

  • Vedika Narayanan Director of Business Operations

    Vedika Narayanan serves as DMA’s Director of Business Operations. In this capacity, she manages the complex logistics of running multiple camp location – including negotiating and coordinating housing arrangements and classroom space for each DMA camper and course. Her responsibilities also involve collecting attendee information, setting course schedules and managing operational budgets. Vedika received a B.A. degree in International Studies-Political Science as well as a B.S. degree in Human Biology from the University of California, San Diego. When not busy at DMA, she loves traveling (especially to big cities) and studying South Indian Classical Dance.

  • Brittney Bartolini Regional Director (West Coast)

    As a DMA Regional Director, Brittney Bartolini works closely with the rest of the Regional Director Team to make sure each camp located within the West Coast region is a nurturing space where kids can fully discover what modern technology offers. Her position includes establishing and implementing departmental policies, hiring, training and providing on-site management support. Brittney began her DMA career in Guest Services after attending the University of California, Davis. In her free time she runs her own production company, which specializes in filmmaking and professional photography. She also enjoys traveling, but admits to “withdrawals” if she’s away from DMA too long. A dedicated believer in DMA, Brittney has personally sent family members and friends through our programs.

  • Rachelle Harding Regional Director (East Coast)

    During her nine years with DMA, Rachelle Harding has worn many hats—including Youth Activities Counselor, Youth Director, Assistant Director, Lead Program Director, Corporate Team member and now East Coast Regional Director. In this capacity, she’s part of the Regional Director Team, which plans, coordinates and directs all on-campus operations and works to fully develop each camp’s potential as a center for technology education. Her duties include helping shape and implement departmental policies and procedures, hiring, training and on-site management support. In her free time she supports the same type of tech activities found at DMA, including creating images with Adobe® Photoshop®, making music with Apple® GarageBand® and playing video games.

  • Peggy Lee Regional Director

    Peggy Lee brings a wealth of impressive experience to her work as a DMA Regional Director, where she helps establish and implement department policies and procedures, in addition to hiring staff, training camp personnel and providing on-site management support. She worked for more than ten years supporting Public Health initiatives in a variety of locations, such as Taiwan, India and Africa. Her education encompasses topics including program planning, qualitative research and population health informatics. She also speaks Mandarin Chinese. As a Regional Director, she’s part of the Regional Director Team, which plans, coordinates and directs all on-campus operations. This work ensures that DMA’s Operational Team maintains a high standard of excellence throughout all of its camp locations.

  • Steve Aviles Director of Logistics

    A school like DMA requires that each campus location receive the equipment it needs to provide students with the ultimate tech camp experience. Making sure that each camp gets the gear it needs is the job of Steve Aviles, DMA’s Director of Logistics. He coordinates the purchasing, deployment and return of camp equipment and supplies for DMA’s summer programs and marketing events. A DMA staffer since 2005, Steve started as a Youth Activities Counselor before transitioning to a Program Support Specialist. Formerly a credentialed middle-school teacher (with a Bachelor of Social Work degree), he has also worked as a family program support specialist and as a park recreation leader for the City of San Jose, California. Steve’s hobbies include all sports, many movies and as much family time as possible.

  • Nathan Horton Recruitment Specialist

    As DMA’s Recruitment Specialist, Nathan Horton is responsible for the recruitment, hiring and other HR-related support of all seasonal staff. A Denver native, he earned his B.A. degree in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology from the University of Colorado and holds a Master’s in Secondary Education from Regis University. Nathan is a former science instructor, with experience teaching at the middle and high school levels. Prior to joining DMA, he was responsible for the recruitment and selection of principals who were tasked with opening new and innovative district schools throughout New York City. He also managed a mayoral initiative designed to reengage NYC youth (from more than 50 public schools) who had fallen behind in high school or who had dropped out entirely. Nathan’s hobbies include running, cycling, hiking, reading and cooking.

    Marketing, Sales & PR

    The Marketing, Sales & PR team members are the brand ambassadors for DMA. It’s their job to spread the word about DMA and generate excitement about our programs. The Marketing, PR & Sales team oversees public outreach, creates marketing materials in many different formats (including course catalogs, e-mails and mailings) and is responsible for driving sales.

  • Vince Matthews Director of Sales & Marketing

    Vince Matthews joined DMA four years ago after building a career marketing interactive entertainment. Before coming to DMA, he spent five years at The Walt Disney Company, marketing and managing online communities and in-park locations for Disney’s online worlds, including Virtual Magic Kingdom and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. A lifelong gamer, Vince got his start in the video games industry. He first covered it from the Press side, serving Future Publishing in numerous editorial capacities, including as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. He has also served as a Marketing Director and Product Manager for several video game publishers. As a marketing and business consultant, he has provided guidance for clients such as Sony Online, Activision and Warner Bros. Studios. Vince oversees all marketing, PR and sales efforts for DMA, and coordinates business development, including partnerships with companies like Canon.

  • Kimberly Fomby Marketing Manager

    Marketing Manager Kimberly Fomby brings to DMA a background rich in communications and Web development. A graduate of Xavier University, Kimberly received her B.A. in Mass Communication, and later earned an M.B.A. in Marketing from American InterContinental University. Her work before joining DMA included numerous non-profit organizations, where she electronically spread the word about worthwhile activities and events. She now supports DMA’s Director of Marketing in all marketing strategies, especially those involving managing e-mail communications, building Web site content and writing articles for DMA’s News site. When not working, Kimberly enjoys reading, traveling and studying foreign languages.

  • Phill Powell Managing Editor/Production Manager

    Phill Powell is Managing Editor and Production Manager at Digital Media Academy, overseeing the daily work flow of the Marketing, Sales & PR team. In addition, he originates marketing materials and provides copyediting services for many ongoing DMA projects. He also writes and edits news stories on a variety of topics for the DMA News site. Phill is a veteran writer/editor who’s authored software manuals for publishers like Microsoft, edited a national magazine for firefighters, written articles for a variety of consumer and trade publications, worked in marketing and advertising, and copyedited government documents for clients such as FEMA. Phill received his B.A. degree in Communications from the University of North Carolina, home of the mighty Tar Heels.

  • Guest Service

  • Rima Matthews Director of Guest Services

    Director of Guest Services Rima Matthews ensures every DMA camper has the most satisfying summer-camp experience possible. She oversees DMA’s Call Center and its staff and handles Financial Aid. Rima has worked for DMA since 2011, building on more than 15 years of experience in Guest Services. She has a Business degree from San Jose State University. Rima also has ten years of experience as a Los Angeles-based actress and singer, with credits that include appearances in “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World” and on “CSI: Las Vegas” and “E.R.” She loves that DMA gives kids the chance to pursue their creative passions at an early age—and wishes she could have attended.

  • Finance

  • Joshua Chen Financial Director

    Joshua supervises DMA’s financial and accounting operations, and makes sure that the organization and its financial systems fully comply with all government reporting and tax regulations. He also establishes corporate accounting policies and procedures and provides regular financial updates and budget reports. Joshua earned a B.S. degree in Accounting from Santa Clara University, and then served as a Business and Management teacher at Beijing Huijia International School. In his free time he enjoys a variety of sports, including basketball, yoga and rock climbing. Joshua also is an avid video gamer who is heavily into ludology, the study of games.

  • Lia Lee Head Bookkeeper

    Lia Lee serves DMA’s Accounting Team as Head Bookkeeper, and has been with DMA since 2007. In her role as Head Bookkeeper, Lia oversees the recording of all daily activities that affect DMA’s corporate records. She was born in San Jose, CA and grew up in Morgan Hill, a small farming community nearby. Lia graduated San Jose State University with a degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in Accounting). Her prior experience includes 15 years of work for a local private CPA firm, as well as 13 years of service as a bookkeeper/accountant for two local businesses.

  • IT & Analytics

    DMA’s Information Technology (IT) team works to ensure that all DMA operations take advantage of the latest and best technologies, and that DMA systems run with maximum efficiency. The IT team also is dedicated to fostering peak online security for DMA, its students and their parents.

  • Luis Martinez Systems Administrator

    DMA’s System Administrator Luis Martinez works behind the scenes to make sure that the school’s electronic and computer systems function as required to keep all locations fully functional at all times. He also assists the Director of Information Technology (IT) with a range of IT initiatives that keep DMA’s information systems up to date and securely protected within an ever-changing world of technology. Luis graduated from the California Polytechnic University at Pomona with a degree in International Business. When not working away on computer networks, he can be found enjoying the outdoors with some cycling, backpacking or a rousing game of Frisbee.

  • Alex Harkins Analytics

    With a B.A. degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, Alex Harkins is a project specialist who supports various DMA departments (including the Marketing, Business Operations and Product/Instruction teams) on special projects. Her work requires a special focus on analytics, pay-per-click management and cost-of-acquisition analysis. In addition she screens materials and prepares schedules for DMA President Phil Gibson. Before starting with DMA nearly three years ago, Alex worked for a sports & fitness company that received private funding to coach youth “inside and outside” of the classroom. Alex coached youth on the field and encouraged good study habits and effective time-management strategies. She’s passionate about her volunteer work and believes in the active power of charity.

  • Lexie Rubattino Business Analytics Manager

    As Business Analytics Manager, Lexie Rubattino specializes in processing and analyzing data related to DMA’s online presence and performance. She’s originally from Santa Rosa, California and attended Santa Clara University, where she received a B.S. degree in Mathematics (with a minor in Anthropology). Now she helps set up, analyze and optimize Google pay-per-click and other paid-ad campaigns. She organizes and tracks Web analytics data using Google analytics and other statistical analysis programs. She also helps track and analyze the performance of Web marketing activities. Lexie played soccer while at SCU and she currently coaches at the community level in her free time.